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Shaking Up the Market for Municipal Bonds

Barron’s (December 16, 2017): All politics are local, according to the famous dictum of Reagan-era House Speaker Tip O’Neill. But the municipal bond market has rarely been as roiled by national politics as it has been by the drama in Washington over tax reform.   Read the Article

Are You Prepared for the End of the Bull Market?

Bottom Line Inc (December 1, 2017): The second-longest bull market in history has to end eventually, right? And even if there are few signs that its demise is imminent, it’s wise to get ready—to prepare your portfolio for rougher times. Stock prices overall are at lofty heights after having more than tripled over the past 105 months…interest […]

‘Trump Trade’ returns? Small-cap stocks rally on hopes of tax deal

Reuters (September 14, 2017): With time running out before Congress turns its attention to the 2018 mid-term elections, small-cap stocks are increasingly acting as a bellwether for the market’s expectations that the Trump Administration will reach a deal to significantly cut U.S. corporate tax rates by the end of the year. Sierra Chief Investment Officer […]

As North Korea knocks Wall St. stocks, some look for reasons to buy

Reuters (September 5, 2017): Tension between North Korea and the United States over a weekend nuclear weapons test, and the possibility of another missile test, knocked stock prices around the world on Tuesday, yet some investors saw any selloff as a reason to buy in a bull run which is now more than eight years […]

Investors are finally showing some love for stock pickers

CNBC (July 21, 2017): Stock pickers are having the best year since the bull market began back in 2009, and investors are starting to take notice. Active funds, which employ managers who move in and out of positions, hauled in $3.5 billion last week, the best showing in 2½ years, according to Bank of America […]

When the Trump Agenda Loses Steam, Muni Bonds Gain Momentum

NY Times (July 14, 2017): Municipal bonds were supposed to be among the biggest losers under a Trump presidency. Shortly after the November election, muni bonds — issued by states, municipalities and local agencies to finance government projects — faced a “triple whammy,” said Terri Spath, chief investment officer at Sierra Investment Management.   Read […]

Time for Puts and Stop-Loss Orders?

Barron’s (June 22, 2017): Is it time to break out the puts and stop-loss orders for your clients? Market professionals say the calm but expensive market presents an opportunity for investors buy options inexpensively, reports The Wall Street Journal. Stop-loss orders are also meant to limit an investor’s downside on a specific holding. Made with a […]

6 questions for savers and bond investors

MarketWatch (May 23, 2017): The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and there are several questions that savers and bond investors would like answered. For example, to be blunt: Is my savings account going to pay any worthwhile interest at some point?! (The answer: probably not soon. But there are alternatives.) If this all sounds […]

Our team asks top pro buyers: What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

CityWire (May 22, 2017): Terri Spath, Chief Investment Officer of Sierra Investment Management, Inc. ‘Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. There can be a real bias, particularly when you’ve owned something and it’s done very well for a long time, to not want to sell it. Equally, this pertains to […]

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