Company Overview

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women seeking men in Orange Since 1987, Sierra Investment Management has been helping conservative investors to preserve and grow their wealth. Through the years, we have fine-tuned an investment approach specifically designed to help our clients enjoy a relaxing, worry-free future. While many firms focus solely on generating returns, we also focus on reducing downside risk. Using decades of strategic research and our proven risk management disciplines, we help our clients meet specific investment goals.

abiti gravidanza online In today’s volatile market, investors cannot afford to simply track a benchmark — they need to get results. That is why every decision we make is done in an effort to manage client accounts to the following quantifiable goals:

  • Limit downside risk to 4%-5%, even in a bad month or quarter
  • Target an average annual total return of 6%-8% or better, after fees, through a market cycle

Er sucht Ihn in Kiel Although results cannot be guaranteed, Sierra has been successful in consistently meeting these goals since its inception. Today, Sierra and its affiliates manage or advise over $2.6 billion in assets for conservative clients. We strive to deliver peace of mind through unusually broad diversification, our risk mitigation disciplines and exceptional client service.

vestito bianco danza *Although Sierra believes its risk-mitigating disciplines will continue to limit the impact of major market declines, no assurance can be given that these goals can be consistently achieved in the future.