Sierra Customized Accounts

Sierra Customized Accounts GoalsThe Sierra Customized Accounts are globally diversified among 8-20 stock, bond, commodity, currency and low-volatility mutual funds with an emphasis on total return. The management team uses Sierra’s risk management discipline and thoughtful investment analysis to determine when and what to buy and when to sell in order to limit downside risk and try to achieve performance goals. The overall asset allocation and specific holdings may be changed at any time by the management team.

Sierra Customized Accounts Chart

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The benchmark for the abito lungo monospalla Sierra Customized Accounts is the Conservative Allocation Morningstar Category, recently renamed Allocation – 30% to 50% Equity. Funds in allocation categories seek to provide both income and capital appreciation by investing in multiple asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and cash. These portfolios are dominated by domestic holdings and have equity exposure between 30% and 50%.

It is not our goal to equal or exceed the stock market averages.