From the Founders

The right strategy should help conservative investors grow their money and also shield it from risk.  That is exactly the goal we had in mind, when we teamed up nearly three decades ago.  Upon meeting in 1985 in a financial course, we quickly bonded over our passion for the markets, our analytic approach to investments and our belief that something was missing in the product landscape.

We began to study both the markets and investor behavior. We conducted hands-on research and analysis of markets, trends and asset classes, and interviewed dozens of people about what they really want out of their investments.  Through these insights, we thought that it was important to state our investment goals in writing. Stating our goals in writing has set us apart from our peers over the years and has helped us succeed at adhering to them. Using our goals to drive our portfolio management strategies, we created an integrated set of risk management disciplines. Our unique process has helped us achieve exceptional long-term results and the loyalty of our clientele.

Since our humble beginnings we have seen our enterprise grow to managing or advising over $2.7 billion dollars for our clients. We continue to strive to deliver peace of mind for our clients, limiting downside risk and using specific performance goals to guide our investment management process. We have certainly refined our strategy, but we still have the same goals as when we first met: to help people preserve and also steadily grow their wealth, with less risk.

Kenneth Sleeper, MBA, PhD and David Wright, JD