Are You Prepared for the End of the Bull Market?

News Article | December 1, 2017 | By Sierra Investment Management

Bottom Line Inc (December 1, 2017): The second-longest bull market in history has to end eventually, right? And even if there are few signs that its demise is imminent, it’s wise to get ready—to prepare your portfolio for rougher times. Stock prices overall are at lofty heights after having more than tripled over the past 105 months…interest rates are headed up, which tends to reduce the attractiveness of stocks…and you are sitting on stock gains vulnerable to sharp pullbacks. To help you tilt your investment approach to a more defensive stance without missing out on possible further gains, Bottom Line Personal asked six experts what moves our readers could make now. Their strategies range from adding cheap foreign stocks to diversifying into asset classes that don’t move in sync with stocks or bonds…

Sierra Chief Investment Officer Terri Spath contributes a way to eliminate the emotion of selling at-risk high flying stocks. 

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