Barron's: Where We See Hidden Gems

News Article | April 4, 2019 | By Sierra Investment Management

Barron's (April 4, 2019): Wall Street can't seem to agree on where stocks are headed this year. Credit Suisse sees the S&P 500 ending 2019 at 3,025 — which would mean another 5% from here. It cites a dove-ier Fed, the likelihood of a U.S.-China trade agreement, and other factors. Morgan Stanley , on the other hand, projects a 4.4% fall-off amid tumbling corporate earnings growth.

To find out how advisory firms outside of Wall Street are navigating, I reached out to three savvy investors: John Allen, of Aspiriant, in Los Angeles, Allan Flader, of RBC Wealth Management, in Phoenix, and David Wright, of Santa Monica, Calif.-based Sierra Investment Management.

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