How attentively do you monitor my portfolio?

Daily. Each fund is monitored every day and if it declines mathematically more than a normal fluctuation for its’ asset class, we move your assets to cash temporarily to preserve your capital and any gains. From time to time, we will also upgrade or re-allocate assets in your portfolio.

Can I look up my account on the Internet?

Yes. We provide you access instructions so you can view your portfolio any time, day or night, on the TD Ameritrade website, www.advisorclient.com. Or you can call us toll free at (800) 729-1467 during the workday to obtain account information.

Can I arrange monthly withdrawals?

Yes. We can set up monthly (or quarterly, or semi-annual) deposits directly into your checking account. There is no charge unless you require a rush, overnight withdrawal.

For my IRA, can you take care of my annual required minimum distribution?

Yes. Once we help you set up your initial request, this can be done automatically thereafter.

How many accounts does Sierra manage?

We have over 500 client households. Sierra and its affiliates currently manage over $2.2 billion in client assets. The majority of our managed account clients live in Southern California, while the rest reside in various states across the country.

Where is my account held?

Your account is typically custodied at TD Ameritrade Clearing, Inc. (TDAC). Your account is always in your name and never co-mingled.

What are your fees?

We are a totally fee-based investment management firm and as such, we do not receive any transaction fees, commissions or rebates. Quarterly fees are debited at the beginning of each quarter and are based on your managed account value as of the end of the previous quarter. For new accounts (total per household) of $2,000,000 or more, our annual fee is 1% per year, payable at 0.25% quarterly.

What are the Sierra Mutual Funds?

Because of Sierra’s success, we launched two publicly-traded mutual funds. Both funds have the goals of capital preservation and targeted annual returns. More information about the Sierra Mutual Funds is available at www.sierramutualfunds.com.