Managing to Goals


At Sierra, our focus is on serving the needs of conservative investors whose primary objective is to preserve capital and achieve a moderate return on their investment.

Protecting your capital from painful setbacks is our first priority, but we will also focus on helping you obtain very satisfying returns over the years ahead–as we have done since 1987 for so many of our conservative clients in Southern California and beyond.

Here are our goals for your managed account at Sierra:

  1. Limit your downside risk to 4%-5% (even in a bad month or quarter)
  2. Target an average annual total return of 6%-8%, after fees, on average through a market cycle

You’ll find that our approach will maintain your peace of mind and help to preserve your capital.

*Although Sierra believes its risk-mitigating disciplines will continue to limit the impact of major market declines, no assurance can be given that these goals can be consistently achieved in the future.