Sierra Customized Accounts

The Sierra Customized accounts are designed for clients with greater than $2,000,000 under our management. Accounts are designed to provide a satisfying long-term total return while limiting volatility and downside risk, consistent with the goals of the client. The strategy’s multi-asset approach methods employ unusually broad diversification across investment categories, markets, industries and issuers. The program allows flexibility and active selection of the best opportunities as conditions adjust. The tactical style incorporates a trailing stop under each holding to minimize losses in the overall portfolio.

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Effective June 30, 2017 the benchmark for the Sierra Customized Accounts has changed to the Morningstar Allocation – 15% to 30% Equity category, which is comprised of portfolios which seek to provide both income and capital appreciation by investing in multiple asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and cash. These portfolios are dominated by domestic holdings and have equity exposures between 15% and 30%.

It is not our goal to equal or exceed the stock market averages.