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Sierra’s CIO James St. Aubin on Money Life Podcast (Podcast Segment, 9/26/22)

James St Aubin, Chief Investment Officer for the Sierra Mutual Funds, believes that investors can win by not losing, and while holding cash won't keep pace with high inflation, he says being on the sidelines waiting for the marke [...]

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June 2022 Sierra Update for Clients and Guests

Watch the video our full Client Update from Saturday, June 25, 2022.

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Sierra’s Dave Wright Discusses Moving Stock Holdings to Cash during Bear Market | Insider (6-24-2022)

Many of the hedge funds and investment firms that have held up during this year's market bloodbath proactively trimmed their stock holdings in favor of cash An asset manager who has beaten 91% of his peers during the bear market [...]

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Co-founder David Wright: How to Be a ‘Genius’ in a Bear Market | Bloomberg Wealth (6-16-2022)

“If you’re ever in doubt, or if your brain is saying, ‘What if I just keep holding this stock for a few more days,’ if you want to be a genius, sell half of your position,” said David Wright, co-founder of Sierra Invest [...]

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Sierra EVP of Investments on Money Life Podcast

Sierra EVP of Investment Management, Doug Loeffler, joins Chuck Jaffe’s Money Life podcast to discuss the current state of the markets and how we are using our rules-based investment disciplines to help navigate the current vol [...]

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