Tax Advantaged Solutions

Any type of investment, financial account, or savings plan that is either exempt from taxation, tax-deferred, or that offers other types of tax benefits.

Private Placement Variable Annuity

  • Tax-deferral of all investment gains until withdrawals are taken
  • No Mandatory withdrawals required before the age of 95
  • 100% liquidity, with no surrender charges

Donor Advised Funds / Charitable Giving

  • Provides you with an immediate tax deduction for contributions that may not be distributed to a charity until months or years later
  • Continues your commitment to philanthropy - noted as the third most important priority for those with a net worth of $1 million or greater*
* Source: Investopedia

Custom Lending Solutions

  • Secured line of credit -
    Provides maximum flexibility, with the ability to tap the credit line as need rises
  • Secured term loan -
    Offers predictability on lump sum needs, with stated term and regular payments