ThinkAdvisor Interview With Skip Schweiss: “2023 Is the Year of the TAMP”

Experts from a diverse set of firms have emphasized the point in recent discussions with ThinkAdvisor, including Skip Schweiss, the current CEO of Sierra Investment Management and former president of TD Ameritrade Trust Co.

According to Schweiss and others, today’s wealth management professional is expected by clients to be many things — a financial planner, a guidance counselor, a confidant and more. In a marked change from decades past, the investment management part of the client service equation is often placed behind these other roles, in no small part because today’s clients expect to get top-notch investment support from any professional they choose to work with.

These dynamics make it critical for wealth management teams to find ways to offload lower-value investment management tasks without adding manual labor or having to spend the time implementing and maintaining proprietary technology. Enter the turnkey asset management program.

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