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For over three decades, Sierra has been a pioneer in tactical, global, multi-asset-class portfolio management. We focus on serving the needs of conservative investors whose primary objective is to preserve capital and achieve a moderate return on their investment. Our integrated approach to risk management and our excellent long-term track record have made us a trusted partner to investors nationwide. Let us help you find the solution that is right for your investment goals.

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Sierra’s CIO, James St. Aubin, Talks Rising Inflation on the Wall Street Journal

Families are flush with cash, so higher interest rates have done less to deter them from spending than if they had been funding their purchases with credit-card debt, said James St. Aubin, chief financial officer at Sierra Mutual Funds. “That slows down the impact of raising the cost of money,” Mr. St. Aubin said. “It […]

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Sierra’s CIO, James St. Aubin on Barron’s: Lessons Learned From Retail Earnings Season

“The consumer just hasn’t puckered up,” said James St Aubin, chief investment officer at [...]

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Sierra’s CIO James St. Aubin Discusses the War in Ukraine, European Stocks on Morningstar Markets Brief

The strength in global markets demonstrates what many investment strategists noted a year ago w [...]

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Sierra’s CIO James St. Aubin on Bloomberg Markets

Ivascyn, 53, gets the angst that’s brewing out there but exudes confidence in his strategy He [...]

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ThinkAdvisor Interview With Skip Schweiss: “2023 Is the Year of the TAMP”

Experts from a diverse set of firms have emphasized the point in recent discussions with ThinkA [...]

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Ways We Help

From helping to protect your investments from setbacks to providing personalized client service [...]

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2022 Sierra Market Update

Here is a quick 2-minute market video update on our programs from Doug Loeffler EVP of Investment M [...]

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June 2022 Sierra Update for Clients and Guests

Watch the video our full Client Update from Saturday, June 25, 2022.

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Commentary: Markets and Economies Are Giving Mixed Signals

June 2022 | Doug Loeffler, EVP Investment Management Most asset classes globally fell sharply in [...]

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Sierra Market Update | Municipal Bonds

Sierra EVP of Investments, Doug Loeffler, gives his thoughts on Municipal Bonds and the current sta [...]

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Questions About All the Market Volatility

The first month of 2022 turned out to be a volatile one We've received several questions about [...]

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Market Minute: The Challenges of Fundamental Management

Fundamental managers are often renowned for making predictions We've found that while a manager [...]

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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of the COVID-19 Recovery

Economic shutdowns due to the spread of COVID-19 last year led to significant drops in equity a [...]

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Commentary: Three Reasons to Own Bonds in 2021

It could be that Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve officials are the happiest of all of us to b [...]

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Commentary: Winning at the Horse Races

For most people the end of summer means one last dash to the beach, back-to-school shopping, and so [...]

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Three Investment Ideas in Front of the Election (and Despite the Recent Red Tape)

Plenty of pollsters and pundits are speculating about the outcomes of the November elections in the [...]

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It’s all in the numbers


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Maximum Drawdown


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Wall Street Journal: Dow, S&P Hit New Highs as Investors Look to Earnings

US stocks rose Thursday, hitting new intraday highs, as investors shifted focus to corporate ea [...]

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Commentary: Plug Your Portfolio

US stocks keep knocking on the door of record high levels, while the bond market telegraphs big con [...]

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A Day at the Horse Races

Sure, it's easy to compare gambling to investing While there are some similarities, there i [...]

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Commentary: State of Confusion

Financial markets don’t know if they are coming or going, telegraphing that investors are in a st [...]

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Commentary: The Stealth Bull Market in Bonds of the Past Year

For many, summer means days at the beach days and, ideally, nights at the ice cream parlor Picking [...]

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