Our vision is to be the trusted provider of investment solutions and service excellence for our investors.

What Can You Expect From Choosing Sierra?

Since 1987, Sierra has successfully helped conservative investors manage their wealth – so they can maintain a comfortable lifestyle throughout retirement. Our focus is on protecting your capital from painful market setbacks while providing you satisfying long-term results.

Specifically, Sierra manages all client assets with these goals in mind:

  • Limit your downside risk to 5%, even during a down month or quarter in the investment markets.
  • Target an average annual return of 4%-8%**, after fees, through a market cycle.

While we can give no assurance that these goals can always be achieved, we believe they are realistic based on our long-term track record.

Sierra clients have peace-of-mind knowing that early in significant market declines, we will react and move temporarily to the safety of money market safe-haven mutual funds. We are ready to relieve you of the daily stress and worry of managing you own investments.

Supporting our clients every step of the way, from your initial contact with Sierra, through your evaluation and selection of Sierra as your money manager, to becoming a Sierra client and during our entire relationship, our best-in-class Client Service staff is there to assist you.

Why Conservative Investors Trust Sierra

Sierra focuses on the needs of conservative investors who want limited risk and satisfying returns. Long-time clients point to our commitment to client service, integrated approach to risk management and our excellent long-term track record.

Sierra invests client assets in mutual funds instead of individually selected stock or bond issues. Mutual funds offer the added benefit of broad diversification, daily pricing, total liquidity and access to institutional asset managers.

Your Sierra managed account is never co-mingled with those of other Sierra clients. Your assets are always in your name, fully liquid and under your control. You give Sierra only a limited power of attorney to buy and sell account holdings on your behalf. In addition, you are never locked into Sierra’s management. You may move your account at any time, for any reason.

Sierra Timeline


Founded Sierra Investment Management, Inc. (SIM)


Founded Ocean Park Asset Management, Inc. (OP)


$50 Million in Assets Under Management (AUM)


Launched SIM and OP Conservative Allocation Programs


$100 Million in AUM


Launched SIM and OP High Yield Corporate Bond Programs


$250 Million in AUM


$500 Million in AUM


Founded Sierra Mutual Funds (SMF) Launched Sierra Tactical All Asset Fund


$1 Billion in AUM & Assets Under Advisement (AUA)


Launched SIM and OP Strategic Income Programs

Launched SMF Sierra Strategic Income Fund

$1.5 Billion in combined AUM & AUA


$2 Billion in combined AUM & AUA


Launched SIM and OP Municipal Bond Programs


$2.5 Billion in combined AUM & AUA

Launched SIM and OP Tactical Bond Programs


$3 Billion in combined AUM & AUA

The table below is updated as of December 31, 2019

Year Founded 1987
Employees 39
Assets Under Management Over $4.5 Billion*

* Includes assets under advisement

Sierra is led by a highly experienced team, providing expertise and a clear, consistent vision.

** Depending on selected investment programs.